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Available Colors

Anniversary Treatment Tables

Gymna celebrates its 50th anniversary with exclusive treatment tables

  • Cushion heating
  • Anniversary Label
  • Ergomax face support
  • Exclusive design

8 different models:

  • Duo Luxe
  • Duoplus Luxe
  • Duoflex Luxe
  • Duoplan Luxe
  • Trioflex Luxe
  • Trioplus Luxe
  • Quadroflex Luxe
  • Osteoflex Luxe
  • General

    BlockBox for couch

  • Stools and cushions

    Bobath roll

    Bolster - dia. 10 cm

    Bolster - diam. 15 cm

    Cover for head and stomach cushion - granit

    Cover for knee roll - large - granit

    Cover for small knee roll - granit

    Crescent-shaped cushion

    Duo Standard, fixed plinth, Carbon

    Face cushion

    Head and stomach support cushion

    Knee roll - large

    Knee roll - small

    Cushion cube-psoas

    Supporting cushion pad - large model

    Supporting cushion pad - small model

    Tabouret, Luxe finish - Agave

    Tabouret, Luxe finish - Atoll

    Tabouret, Luxe finish - Carbon

    Tabouret, Luxe finish - Havana

    Tabouret, Luxe finish - Ivory

    Tabouret, Luxe finish - Mandarin

    Tabouret, Luxe finish - Marble

    Tabouret, Luxe finish - Pacific

    Tabouret, Luxe finish - Sahara

    Tabouret, Luxe finish - Terracotta

    Tabouret, Luxe finish - Chrome

  • Traction

    Traction support for shoulders

    Chest belt with velcro-fastening

    Brackets for fixation belts

    Extension frame for AutoTrac 460


    Hip belt with velcro-fastening

    AutoTrac 460 - digital traction device

    Set of washable pads for Glisson

    Neck harness according to Glisson

    Traction support for hips

    Transverse suspension bar

    Fixation belt - 2,5 m

    Neck Harness

    Chest -and hip belt

  • Hygiene


    Terry-cloth cover, stretch - Stone/Marble

    Terry-cloth cover, stretch - Sand/Sahara

    Terry-cloth cover, stretch - Ocean/Pacific

    Terry-cloth cover, stretch - Snow/Ivory

    Terry-cloth cover, stretch - Terra/Terracota

    Terry-cloth cover, stretch - Metal/Chrome

    Terry-cloth cover, stretch - Havana

    Terry-cloth cover, stretch - Granite/Carbon

    Elastic straps with clips for Terry covers

    Foot end protector

    Paper roll holder for back section, 60 cm

    Paper roll holder for back section, 50 cm

    Paper roll holder for undercarriage, 50 cm

    Paper roll holder for undercarriage, 60 cm

    Rolls of paper, 50cmx46m - 9 pc.