Electrotherapy is the use of electrical energy as a medical treatment.

Treatment with electrotherapy is well accepted in the field of physical therapy and it involves the introduction of some physical energy into a biologic system. This energy brings about one or more physiological changes that are used for therapeutic benefit.

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The 3 main goals of Electrotherapy

Efficient & Focused

  • Faster and more effective pain relief
  • Latest insights in TENS-protocols for pain management provide a wider range of parameters and applications
  • Focused treatment targeting
  • Increased pain relief effects through combination therapy

Effective & Flexible

  • Effective stimulation of cellular effects to promote healing
  • Flexibility to obtain cellular effects with microcurrent, ultrasound or combined therapy
  • High intensity, high precision targeting
  • Full absorption of ultrasound waves no heat loss

Dynamic & Fast

  • Fast and reliable analysis of muscle denervation properties with onscreen SD curve
  • Synchronised NMES programs for optimal co-contraction
  • Establishes interdependence level between stimulation strength and time of muscle activation
  • Assists in determining the pulse time of impulses