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Liquid Crystal Emulsion

The secret of intensive skincare

The Physio Care range of massage lotions has been specifically developed for use in physiotherapy treatments. The difference in oil level allows you to select the right product according to the length of treatment, the type of treatment and the condition of your patient’s skin.

Liquid Crystal Emulsion

A liquid crystal emulsion is an organised substance (crystal) that can still flow (liquid). It combines the benefits of both ‘oil-in-water’ emulsions and ‘water in oil’ emulsions. Better skin care characteristics have been observed with Liquid crystal emulsions and this with regards to permeability, skin hydration and skin protection1.

What are the Advantages?

For you: • Excellent gliding- and dispersion features • Optimal care for your hands • Super hydration: immediate and long term • Restructures and repairs the natural skin balance • Economic in use • Easy to rinse off with water

For your patients: • Moisturised skin • Optimal skin respiration • Effective skin protection • Stimulation of natural healing of the skin • Good absorption, leaving the skin dry & soft 

1 Iwai H, Fukasawa J, Suzuki T. A liquid crystal application in skin care cosmetics. Int J Cosmet Sci. 1998 Apr;20(2):87-102