Expand your imagination


Expand your imagination

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Expand your imagination

Our imagination shapes everything we do. It helps us to express oursleves, unveiling who we really are.

Both your practice as your treatment table should reflect the real you. Venture into the imaginary; expand your imagination even further. Immerse yourself into the gymna.ONE universe; dare to dream big and awake that imagination in your practice.

Refined design

gymna.ONE exudes design, the colours, materials and textures resonate nature. The use of durable and natural materials, combined with proven Gymna quality and reliability make it unparalleled.

gymna.ONE emanates the harmonious atmosphere you imagined, it truly is the treatment table you aspire to have in your practice.

Modern and innovative design

Use of sustainable and durable materials, such as wood and aluminium

The refined design comes back in the beautifully formed closed base. The base covers all technical elements, making it easy to clean the gymna.ONE.

Choose one of the 8 colours and bring your imagination to life in your practice

Your companion in daily practice

gymna.ONE is your companion in daily practice, its refined design combined with first-rate features optimize conditions for your treatments. Features such as i-Control, the intelligent foot operated height adjustment system, the innovative Ergomax face support, positionable in two directions, and the lateral supports that empower you to work closer to the patient. Choosing gymna.ONE as your trusted work companion, will benefit both you and your patients.

Remote cushion heating with three different temperature levels operated via the convenient wireless control.

GSP means unmatched stability due to the stiff and sturdy construction. Your manipulation force maintains the same intensity without loss of energy.

Hygiene is important, the Ergomax face support made out of soft, seamless and comfortable foam, is ergonomically shaped, removable, waterproof and washable.

i-Control for easy, accurate and safe height adjustment, from anywhere around the table. Two operation modes, for continuous and pulsed adjustments.

Lateral supports allowing you even more freedom of movement while maintaining the ideal, ergonomically correct working position. They facilitate working close to the patient, without causing stress on shoulders or back.

Trust and confidence for your patient

Your patients are your prime focus. You want to offer an incomparable and foremost soothing and pleasant experience. Your goal is having your patients leave your practice feeling content and positive. The gymna.ONE’s comfort and style will assist you in successfully building trust and erasing any of your patients’ anxieties. Patients will undergo their next treatment session calmly and fully relaxed. As a result, you will have access to optimal conditions for a successful treatment.

Every gymna.ONE design detail has been developed with one goal in mind: the patient’s comfort.

gymna.ONE is equipped with our remote cushion heating. The heating pads within the cushions generate a comfortable warmth level suited to your patient’s individual needs.

Long arm supports provide ample space to let the arms rest completely. Making your patients feel secure and totally relaxed.

The body-shaped cushions add extra stability for your patients. Offering them a pleasant and comfortable treatment experience.

Curious about the possibilities for your practice?

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