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Gymna is one of the world's leading manufacturers of investment goods in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Gymna focuses on providing high-quality and innovative products with great added value for users.

Gymna has over 55 years of experience in the world of physiotherapy, and one clear goal: to inspire and support physiotherapists throughout the globe. We do everything possible to create a stimulating work environment that maximises the effectiveness of treatments and patient experiences.

Our innovative, professional products, which meet the highest quality standards, are designed to perfect the user experience so therapists can focus on what really matters: providing the best possible care to patients. 

Our objective is to make high-quality, hygienic products accessible to all physiotherapists, so they can achieve their goals and improve the quality of life of patients. Ultimately, we want to help patients move forward, so that they can once more enjoy the things that really matter.

In addition, we’ve committed ourselves to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, as we feel it’s our responsibility as a healthcare company to play our part in making the world more just, socially inclusive and environmentally friendly. Our efforts are guided by the following three principles: 

  • Quality care: Make quality physiotherapy accessible to all
  • Sustainable care: Gymna is committed to protecting our environment 
  • Care empowerment: Gymna is committed to improving lives


We’re proud to be part of the rehabilitation community, and our commitment to providing high-quality products that contribute to better health and well-being for patients around the world is unwavering.

Gymna: a success story of passion, expertise and innovation

Gymna’s origins are rooted in passion. Louis Claesen, a Belgian physiotherapist and gym teacher in the 1960s, was passionate about gymnastics and wanted to share this enthusiasm with others. In his free time, he developed wooden gymnastics equipment together with his father. They sawed, planed and filed their creations, and it wasn't long before their equipment attracted attention and demand skyrocketed.

Louis and his father realised they had something special on their hands, and decided to open their own carpentry workshop. It was a risky move, but they had their hearts set on translating their passion into a viable business.  Louis wanted to do more than make wooden equipment, so, determined to push the boundaries, he started experimenting with metalworking. This resulted in the first Gymna treatment tables. They were a roaring success, and before long showrooms opened in Belgium. This was closely followed by the export of Gymna products, marking the beginning of an international success story. Gymna grew into a strong global brand that was ready to take the next step in the late 1990s. 

To enhance its expertise, the company made the strategic decision in 1997 to collaborate with Uniphy (Unique Philosophy), a Dutch specialist in high-quality electrotherapy equipment. During that period, when Uniphy was already producing remarkable high-end devices embedded with cutting-edge technology, a powerful synergy emerged as the R&D departments of Uniphy and Gymna worked closely together behind the scenes. Despite the geographical distance of 100 kilometres separating them, the strengths of both companies were effectively combined. Uniphy's hallmark was creative thinking, while Gymna excelled in embracing and executing ideas. This dynamic collaboration resulted in a perfect synergy, enabling Gymna to swiftly add two high-end products to its product portfolio: the Uniphy Guidance series and the Gymna 500 series. 

Nowadays, Gymna has a varied product range, which is marketed worldwide, and we’re still in search of continuous improvement and innovation. This enables us to support and inspire the day-to-day work of professional therapists to the utmost, so they can concentrate on giving their patients the very best care.

In the past 25 years, Gymna’s products have evolved considerably. We’re constantly in contact with physiotherapists, and further developing our products according to their dynamic needs and trends in treatment. The new gymna.PRO treatment tables represent our rethinking of the traditional treatment table. Besides the clean, modern designs, the gymna.PRO range also features a number of intelligent and ground-breaking solutions that make daily practice easier and improve the overall experience for patients. 

Gymna has succeeded in offering solutions to problems that everyone has accepted as inevitable until now. Our goal is to find a solution for every professional, so that the physical therapist can concentrate on the essential: patient treatment. 

And so Gymna's success story continues, as always driven by passion, expertise, and the will to innovate.

The Gymna Values 

TOP QUALITY         

With Gymna products, top quality is guaranteed. 100% craftsmanship. Developed by physical therapists for physical therapists.


Gymna products are known for their refreshing and innovative designs that stand the test of time. They’re designed to last. We believe that a pleasant, inspiring workspace makes all the difference.


Making your work intuitive and efficient with an eye for the patient; that’s what we do!


At Gymna, we always try to add something unique. Intelligent solutions integrated into our products or our software with the aim of adding value to your practice.

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We’re working on your future right now

Gymna’s employees are responsible for the company being what it is today. We’re a dedicated team of experienced professionals with an international mindset. We are passionate about our work, and place strict quality demands on the development and finishing of our products. That’s how we’re working today on solutions for the physical therapy practice of today and tomorrow. 

As a customer, you can count on excellent service and support. Gymna always has a team of authorised service technicians near you to solve problems. Our colleagues thoroughly explain purchased equipment; our service goes much further than just delivering a premium product. For this reason, we regularly organise training programmes and education to keep our partners informed of the latest developments and technologies in the world of physio. This keeps them up to date with advances in the profession.

Gymna also organises an annual training session for partners' technical staff, and offers access to an extensive technical library of online resources. We do our utmost to help customers, quickly and properly from local bases, wherever they are in the world, with 24/7 access to FAQs, technical drawings, how-to videos and photos.

Our customer service department was specifically designed so that customers could be helped quickly and effectively with all their questions and problems. Whether you need help placing an order or technical support, or have questions about our products, our team is always on hand to help. 

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