Physiotherapy for everyone

Gymna’s mission to promote accessible and sustainable care

At Gymna, we believe that healthcare should be accessible and sustainable for everyone. As a company active in an area directly affecting people's quality of life and well-being, we recognise our responsibility to contribute to a fairer,  socially more inclusive, and environmentally friendly world.

As a conscious and leading brand, we recognise that sustainable business practices are critical to our future. That is why we have aligned ourselves with the UN Sustainable Development Goals framework and have identified three key pillars guiding our efforts and decisions towards a healthier and more prosperous world.

1.    Accessibility and Inclusion

Quality Care: Making quality physiotherapy accessible to all

At Gymna, we believe every individual deserves access to high-quality physiotherapy services and products, regardless of background or circumstances. To achieve this, we actively contribute to local projects that promote inclusion and social justice. We also make our high-quality physiotherapy products globally accessible through the Gymna partner network. 

2.    Environmental Responsibility

Sustainable Care: Gymna's commitment to our planet  

Gymna takes responsibility for minimising our ecological impact. We strive to integrate sustainable principles into all aspects of our business by:

  • reducing emissions
  • choosing local suppliers and materials where possible
  • creating sustainable products that minimise waste

We invest in research and development of new sustainable and user-friendly products and strive to integrate eco-design principles.

3.    Health and Prosperity

Empowering Care: Gymna’s commitment to improving lives 

Empowering care is centred around caring for others. Gymna aims to enhance people’s lives by fostering good health and prosperity. We try to achieve this goal by sharing our knowledge and expertise with physiotherapists and providing training opportunities worldwide with our therapy devices. 

Good health and prosperity are fundamental to creating a sustainable and equitable world. By offering safe and efficient healthcare products, we aim to contribute towards the greater well-being of our community as a whole.

Summerised, Gymna is dedicated to pursuing accessible and sustainable physiotherapy. We understand this is a long journey, but we are committed to taking the necessary steps to achieve our goal. In addition, we want to inspire our distributors and clients to join us in creating a better world for everyone. Together, we can make a positive impact and create a sustainable future.