Gymna innovative treatment tables

For over 55 years, Gymna treatment tables have been the standard within the medical community, specifically in physiotherapy practice. The differentiator? A seamless combination of ergonomic design, top-notch professional standards, and the use of the best materials. Gymna treatment tables are manufactured in Belgium and have earned an undisputed reputation worldwide.

Now, let us focus on what is essential: your practice and your patients. Our treatment tables are not just massage beds or couches; they are designed with precision, with you, the professional, in mind. Adjustable features, postural drainage position, armrests, height adjustment? Check. Durable materials? Double-check. Not to mention our focus on ergonomics. Your patients deserve the best, and that is exactly what we offer.

Now, which treatment table is the best fit for you? For a well-balanced choice with great value for money, we direct you towards gymna.GO. For advanced functionalities that seamlessly match your professional treatments, gymna.PRO presents itself as the ultimate choice. And for the demanding user striving to excel, there is only one option: the exclusive gymna.ONE.

Which treatment table will be the shining centrepiece in your practice? The choice is entirely in your expert hands.

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