Taking shape and form

The basis for a good design

Shapes and forms, circular, triangular or rectangular, pure elementary shapes are the basis for any good design. Effective use of these shapes and forms has resulted in the clean and nicely balanced proportions of the gymna.GO treatment table. Mixed with Gymna’s signature quality, all essential elements are included in a no-frills solution for your everyday practice.

Functionality is key

Quality comes first

Whether you are a starter or an expert, the purchase of a treatment table is the result of a thoughtful decision-making process. The right balance between functionality and quality is key. gymna.GO simply offers a solid and safe support for your patients, in sitting and lying position. The reliable height adjustment helps them to take position and you to work at the right height, saving you from occupational injuries. That makes gymna.GO everything you need from your entry-level treatment table.

“perfect for my practice”


Quality in its purest form

Height adjustment is essential to accommodate your patients and to ease your workload during daily practice. That is the reason the gymna.GO comes with a standard height-adjustment function. The height can be set by the powerful electric motor, or by means of a hydraulic foot pump.


Intelligent foot-operated system for easy, accurate and safe height adjustment from anywhere around the table.

Adjustable head and back sections

Head and back sections are all supported by high-quality gas springs for easy, safe and comfortable positioning of your patients.

Arm supports

When lowered, the supports provide increased comfort for the patient, relaxing neck and shoulder muscles when lying face down in prone position.


The hydraulic pump makes the gymna.GO totally independent of electricity, it can be used anytime and anywhere.

Foot switch

Not all medical professions require working with a periferic height adjustment system and a simple, efficient foot switch is the perfect solution for height adjustment.

Proven quality

gymna.GO treatment tables are made in Belgium and manufactured in an award winning factory. This “Factory of the Future” guarantees constant quality and durability.

The finishing touch

Complete your table with options and accessories such as Gymna’s distinctive Ergomax face support, wheels, safety switch, paper roll holders or gynaecological leg supports. And, best of all, choose the right colour to match your practice.

Safety switch

gymna.GO can be equipped with an integrated safety switch to deactivate the motor during your absence.

Gynaecological leg supports

The gymna.GO is versatile and accessories such as gynaecological leg supports can make it suitable for many institutional settings.

Traction extension frame

For use with the special traction table model.


gymna.GO can be delivered with a set of four swivelling wheels. This facilitates the use of the table in different locations and cleaning your practice.

Ergomax face support

The unique Gymna Ergomax face support is waterproof and washable for maximum hygiene, protecting your patients from germs.

Paper roll support 50 cm / 60 cm

Easy to mount paper roll support. Choose between 50 cm or 60 cm width roll support.

gymna.GO D1

Two-section treatment table with backrest and electric height adjustment by i-Control.

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gymna.GO D1e

Two-section treatment table with backrest (flexion and extension) and electric height adjustment by i-Control.

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gymna.GO Traction

Two-section treatment table for traction therapy with sliding surface and height adjustment by i-Control.

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gymna.GO D2

Two-section treatment table with headrest and electric height adjustment by i-Control.

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gymna.GO D4

Two-section treatment table with headrest, armsupports and electric height adjustment by i-Control.

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gymna.GO T3x

Three-section treatment table with electric height adjustment by i-Control.

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gymna.GO T5x

Three-section treatment table with armsupports and electric height adjustment by i-Control.

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Curious about the gymna.GO?

With gymna.GO, our entry-level treatment table line, we give a broader group of therapists access to Gymna quality.