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Gymna, proud partner of the Royal Ballet Flanders

We believe in the power of cooperation and partnership in everything that we do! That is why we are continuously on the lookout for professional parties who set the bar just as high as we do. In the past year, we have set up partnerships with the Royal Ballet Flanders (Belgium).

"Dancers are always in pain, it’s part and parcel of the job. We are always testing the limits of our bodies. Caring for our bodies is incredibly important because it is specifically our bodies that make it possible to do what we love. Luckily, our physiotherapists and the sports masseur are always available. Issues can be prevented thanks to their expert assistance, and if an injury still somehow occurs, they’re there to treat it immediately. Not being able to dance is practically unthinkable. The table that we’re lying on really does make a difference. The Gymna heated tables are really nice and you can really feel that the way in which the muscles and nerves are treated is incredibly effective. If the therapist is able to adopt a good position, then the treatment is even more effective. I can feel the difference immediately." Fiona McGee - Royal Ballet Flanders.

"The dancers can count on me every day. The passion that characterises my work can be seen in the enthusiasm with which our partner, Gymna, develops its products. That makes our partnership a perfect match." Tom de Smet - Sports masseur - Royal Ballet Flanders

"It is a great honour to have Gymna as our partner. We are only satisfied with the best for our Royal Ballet Flanders dancers. The Gymna treatment tables fit in seamlessly with the perfection and professionalism that we strive to attain in order to provide them with the very best assistance." Paul van Loon - Physiotherapist Royal Ballet Flanders