Tecar & diatermia
Gymna Care 300
Therapeutic care with TECAR therapy

Gymna Care 300

Therapeutic care with TECAR therapy
  • Athermy
  • 5 Frequencies
  • Gymna Care 300 App
  • Accessories
  • Low voltage circuits
  • Capacitive electrode coating
  • Housing and cable shielding


Advanced and effective TECAR therapy for the treatment of osteoarticular and peripheral nervous system disorders. The Gymna Care 300 differs from traditional TECAR therapy because it has the ability to work at high power without a large temperature increase. Similar to traditional diathermy, the device can operate in pulsed mode, giving the body the time to dissipate the heat produced by the output during the short pause.

Three different pulse-pause ratios can be selected to offer greater flexibility and therefore find the best possible treatment for the patient.

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Gymna Care 300 iPad App. OLED display and rotary encoder with multi-function button
400 Watts
Pre-set frequencies: 300, 400, 450, 500 kHz, 1 MHz + Auto
Continuous – Sensitive – Athermy 1/ 2/ 3
Unipolar – Bipolar – Neutro Dinamico – Static automatic
Capacitive - Resistive
56 guidelines