Building strong partnerships

Gymna's successful business trip to Saudi Arabia

The Gymna team recently embarked on a business trip to Saudi Arabia for our International Distributor Meeting for all Gulf-region partners.
The warm, open, and friendly welcome we received throughout our trip was a delightful surprise. The Saudi Arabian people take great pride in their customs and country and are eager to share them with others. Their remarkable hospitality and willingness to assist us exceeded our expectations.

The Saudi Arabian professionals we encountered were highly dedicated and driven in a business context. They were genuinely interested in meeting new people, sharing experiences, and collaborating successfully. Their level of professionalism was truly commendable.

Our trip contributed significantly to our professional growth and understanding of the Saudi Arabian market. We were impressed by the Saudi people's approach towards various situations, always showing a healthy critical attitude and striving for mutual respect and the best outcomes for all parties involved. These insights into the Saudi Arabian business culture have broadened our perspectives and will benefit our organisation.

While interacting with Shams, our local dealer, we encountered a highly motivated team with a great affinity for Gymna products. We highlighted the products' unique selling points during training sessions, which helped them to understand that Gymna stands for quality. This drive was also evident in other dealers, creating a positive and vibrant atmosphere throughout the training sessions.

We were amazed by how Shams mobilised their end customers, resulting in a much larger turnout at the embassy event than anticipated. Decision-makers and attendees expressed genuine enthusiasm for Shams and spoke highly of its products. As a result, numerous new projects requiring physiotherapy equipment are expected to rise in the coming years.

The embassy event was impeccably organised and a resounding success. The overwhelming interest in Gymna and its products, including the treatment tables, ShockMaster 500, Gymna 400 ViP, and Acure 250, exceeded all expectations. The area where the products were showcased resembled a bustling trade fair, crowded with visitors eager to learn more.

We visited several hospitals, and talking to our product users was a very enriching experience. The hospital visits showed our products integrated into treatment rooms and revalidation facilities. We were delighted to discover our Gymna brand this way, far away from home, showing our activities’ global impact. Meeting the doctors & hospital management gave us a better insight into how healthcare is organised.

Together, we successfully put Gymna in the spotlight with a highly professional setup and top-quality products. This experience will pave the way for a bright future. Our visit provided the necessary nourishment and support, and we hope to reap a bountiful harvest in the coming years.

In conclusion, our business trip to Saudi Arabia was a discovery, enlightenment, and mutual collaboration journey. The country's culture, the warmth of its people, and the professionalism we encountered have left an everlasting impact on us. We return with a broader understanding of the Saudi Arabian market and a wealth of insights and opportunities to benefit our organisation. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who made this trip a truly remarkable and memorable experience. Thank you, Saudi Arabia, for opening your doors and hearts to us!