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Cleaning and disinfecting

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Physiotherapy means the treatment of physical injuries, diseases or abnormalities through a number of physical methods. Physical therapy, in short, focuses on the physical health of the patient. Since the health of the patient is the goal of the therapy, hygiene in the practice is an important part of the physiopracticioner’s day. Especially when dealing with vulnerable patients.

In follow up of our article about hygiene in your physiotherapy practice, we now present you the guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting your Gymna treatment tables.


  General Cleaning Disinfecting


  • Steel or aluminium powder coated
  • Steel, chrome or sink plated
  • Hard and soft plastics
  • Pressed and glued beech veneer (gymna.ONE)Clean the surfaces regularly with a clean soft and dry microfiber cloth.
  • For persisting stains, a slightly damp cloth may be used.
  • Use clean water or glass cleaner.
  • Remove any spilled fluids immediately. 

When needed, the construction can be disinfected using the same method as for the cushions or Ergomax.



  • Vinyl artificial leather ‘Classique’
  • Polyurethane artificial leather ‘Premium’


  • Phthalaat-free
  • Biocompatible
  • Premium is optional for gymna.PRO


  • Use lukewarm water and a microfiber cloth for cleaning.
  • Add a PH neutral soap solution in the case of persistent stains.
  • Remove the soap residue with a damp cloth.
  • Bloodstains must be removed with cold water immediately.
  • Massage oil must be removed with a PH neutral soap solution immediately.

Important: Clean before disinfecting.

The cushions and Ergomax can be disinfected with a large number of disinfectants.

The approved disinfectants are listed below.

  • Always follow the prescribed concentration as listed or as mentioned on the packaging.
  • Only use one disinfectant and rinse with clear water.



  • Polyurethane foam


  • Waterproof and easy to clean at the tap.

Extra guidelines: 

  • NEVER use detergents, solvents (alcohol), aggressive soaps, bleaching agents or abrasives.
  • Do not use any substances for leather containing oil or grease for maintenance.
  • Never use a mixture of various disinfectants.
  • The cushions and Ergomax are not suitable for disinfection or sterilization by means of heat.

The cushions and Ergomax can be disinfected with a large number of disinfectants: List of disinfectants

Download the .pdf with all the guidelines: Guidelines