Gymna Therapies

Gymna Acure 250

The quality solution for electrolysis

Gymna’s over 40 years of experience in the field of electrotherapy has contributed significantly to the development of the Acure 250. This expertise translates into a high-quality solution for the application of ultrasound-guided electrolysis.

Table-top control unit

  • Full colour 7 inch capacitive touchscreen 
  • Powered with external medical-grade power supply
  • Mains power and rechargeable li-ion operation
  • Smart battery management system 
  • USB port to allow software updates

Handpiece holder

  • Slightly magnetic mounting grip for secure storage
  • Specifically designed to avoid accidental needle punctures 
  • Mountable for both left and right handed users


  • Wired remote control allowing:-> to Start /Stop of the therapy to adjust the desired intensity
  • With Led ring for visual feedback during treatment  
  • Ergonomic modern design 
  • Ingenious and safe needle grip mechanism
  • Supports a one needle electrode (cathode)
  • For use with non-insulated acupuncture needles: made of a single thread of uncoated stainless steel & with a braided steel handle without a head
  • Large-sized bracelet as return electrode (silicone rubber)

Do I need any particular type of needle?

The use of high-quality, single-use, sterile acupuncture needles that have medical CE approval, including the Notified Body number, is recommended. The needle should be compatible with the application of ultrasound-guided electrolysis.

Are there any recommended needle dimensions?

Always be sure to select the correct needle thickness and length for the type of injury to be treated:

  • Needle diameter from 0.30mm – 0.35mm.
  • Handle outer diameter from 1.25mm – 1.45mm.
  • Needle body lengths from 20mm – 100mm.
  • Handle length from 25mm – 30mm.
User interface Electrolysis

Intuitive graphical user interface

  • Modern design, fully touch screen operated
  • Self-explanatory icons, buttons and therapy screen for easy parameter setting
  • Traditional layout or in modern dashboard design
  • Customisation of device settings 
  • Easy operation via direct therapy keys
  • Body area menu: Select treatments based on anatomical locations & create own protocols
  • Anatomical library 
  • Contra indications list 
  • Visual and auditory feedback on all device conditions 
  • Post-treatment graphic representing administered charge