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gymna.ONE Carbon Black

An exclusive treatment table

Gymna.ONE represents the heart of your practice, creating a pleasant working environment. The use of durable and natural materials, such as wood and aluminium, makes gymna.ONE unique.

Combined with the proven reliability of Gymna technology, the modern and pure design of this treatment table creates a truly harmonious atmosphere in your practice. Gymna.ONE Carbon Black comes with cushions in carbon colour, reflecting timelessness and classic style. The closed base in high quality beech plywood is finished with satin black laminate. The curved and flat surfaces of the base reflect the surrounding light in different ways, creating a dynamic visual effect, showing different shades of black.

Cushions in Carbon

The gymna.ONE Carbon Black has carbon-coloured cushions, giving your practice a timeless, stylish appearance.

Closed base

A dust-free solution that covers all technology. The closed base is finished with a black satin top layer.

Sustainable, natural materials

The use of natural, sustainable materials, such as wood and aluminium, make the gymna.ONE unique.