Gymna Therapies

Height adjustable treatment tables for patient & therapist

You care for your patient’s back? Gymna takes care of yours!

A height adjustable treatment table is the basis for welcoming your clients in a comfortable and safe manner. Lower the table to chair height to help them take up their position, and then set the table to your preferred working height. It will generate confidence and trust among your patients, and it saves your body from stress and occupational injuries.

Gymna offers three efficient ways to set the height of your treatment table.


Electric motor with i-Control

Gymna i-Control is the number 1 solution for a physical therapist as it allows you to control the height from anywhere around the table. Obviously, the system is foot-operated to support your hands-on job. The i-Control feature is cleverly integrated in the table’s design, giving you maximum working space.This layout also prevents accidental operation by you or your patients. Tap the system with your foot, and the table automatically makes a small step up or down, or push the system and it will move continuously.

Electric motor with foot switch

In many medical applications, you do not necessarily need to work on all sides of your treatment or examination table. Often the table can even be positioned against the wall. In such cases, a single foot switch on the floor is an excellent solution to operate the motor.

Hydraulic with foot pump

Is there no access to electricity in your treatment room, or do you not want to use electricity? Opt for a Gymna table with hydraulic foot pump. It takes a little more effort, but you still enjoy the comfort of the ergonomic working height, and the gratitude of your patients.


Safe Motion Detection

Safe Motion Detection is Gymna’s proprietary system, designed to limit the risk of people being trapped inside the height adjustment mechanism of the table. It is particularly useful in helping to prevent accidents in non-supervised situations. Safe Motion Detection will automatically stop and lift the table when a person threatens to become trapped between the lower chassis and other moving parts of the table.

Programmable memory

Easy and efficient automatic height adjustment by use of a Bluetooth remote control with three programmable positions. For instance, you can program your personal working height and a step-on position. With a single push on the remote control button, the table will go automatically to the programmed position. For safety reasons, memory positioning is always combined with Gymna’s Safe Motion Detection.