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Gymna wins Henry van de Velde Award

Business Innovation Award

Treatment table Gymna.PRO is a Henry van de Velde Award Winner 2020 in the business innovation category! 


What is a Henry Van de Velde Award?

The Henry van de Velde Awards are the biggest design awards in Belgium. Flanders DC gives these awards to honour good design in all its forms. The awards honour the designers and clients and emphasise the excellence of the products, services, and projects designed and made in Belgium.

The design has many splendid forms. This is why there are ten award categories. Designers and their clients (organisers and design companies) can enter the competition with their recent products, projects or services. They can choose from 6 categories: Communication, Design-led Crafts, Ecodesign, Efficiency, Everyday Life and Healthcare. The jury decides independently for the Henry van de Velde Awards for Young Talent, Company and Lifetime Achievement without registration forms. For the final award, the Henry van de Velde Public Award, the public has the final vote in an online competition.

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Why did gymna.PRO win the award?

“An everyday product is allowed to be special'' this is Gymna’s credo. During the development of the new treatment table, the goal was to look at the traditional treatment table with a critical eye and to reinvent it. Although design is always important in developing Gymna products, the main goal here was to design a treatment table with the needs of both the patient and the physiotherapist in mind. With new techniques, materials and improvements, specific innovative solutions were found to deal with everyday issues that have always been taken for granted. The result is a treatment table that unmistakably bears the Gymna signature and distinguishes itself at different levels.

The treatment table gymna.PRO looks more like furniture because of its rounded and user-friendly details, unlike complex industrial components. Hidden mechanics and built-in LED lighting also contribute to this. The closed base is easier to clean and ensures extra hygiene.

The improved arm support feature, which allows the therapist to lower the arm supports simultaneously, ensures more ergonomic patient positioning and, together with the Ergomax face support and wireless cushion, adds extra patient comfort.

Thanks to the revolutionary Constant Patient Position concept, the patient can take any position on a 3-section table without needing rotation.

For the physiotherapist, the solid and stable construction ensures minimal flex and movement under load and no energy loss occurs during treatment. The lateral supports offer the therapist even more freedom of movement and make it easy to maintain the ideal working position, close to the patient, without tension on the shoulders or the back.

Because of its solid and stable construction, the table barely bends under stress and barely moves, so there is no loss of energy during the treatment. The lateral support gives the physiotherapist more freedom of movement, which makes it possible to manage an ideal working posture.

The intelligent foot-operated system can be reached anywhere around the table, allowing accurate and safe height adjustment. A programmable memory function can be selected, with room for three programmable height settings and a remote control.  

Optional motors, easy to operate at the touch of a button, and effortlessly adjust cushions are available. These offer comfort for both patients, who do not need to stretch and physiotherapists.  The ergonomically formed switches, positioned below the cushions, light up in different colours for up- and downward adjustments.

Because of the wide range of models, finishes and options, each physiotherapist can personalise their gymna.PRO table.