Paramedic Centre Heksenwiel introduces Gymna W-Move

“An asset for my physiotherapy practice”

“In order to increase my practice’s profits, I was looking for an option to train target groups simultaneously. The Gymna W-Move lets me have a circuit training option in the office that even people with extremely low-load exercise requirements can safely and effectively use to exercise.” Mark van Zanten, owner of the Paramedic Centre Heksenwiel .

“Getting patients/customers to exercise and to keep exercising is a key point within my practice. Thanks to the Gymna W-Move, I can train my patients with a focus on the target group, and continue to work on their general fitness levels. This allows me to maintain contact with my customers and their training is both safe and fun. Seniors, patients with COPD or rheumatism, post-operative patients, even healthy patients who want to exercise under my expert guidance; they’ve all found their way to my paramedic centre. We have seen that group training sessions using the Gymna W-Move has increased patient satisfaction, which means that they continue to exercise for longer,” states Mark.

The Gymna W-Move hydraulic system ensures that movement is more intuitive and smoother than when exercise is done on regular resistance equipment. This is a relief for the seniors and all patient groups. The Gymna W-Move has created added value for my practice because it has expanded my entrepreneurship. The W-Move concept also consists of a set of ready-to-use marketing materials that I can use to attract more patients in a professional manner without incurring extra costs. In our society, in which more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of exercise, we physiotherapists can use the Gymna W-Move to offer a safe, effective and fun solution!”