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Proud partner of Dutch National Ballet, Amsterdam


In everything we do, we believe in the power of collaboration and partnership! That is why we are always looking for professional parties that, like us, set the bar high. Last year we entered into a partnership with Dutch National Ballet, Amsterdam.

National Ballet is located in Amsterdam (the Netherlands) where it develops, produces and shows its ballets at an international top level. Gymna has sought cooperation with this ballet company, where 80 dancers from all over the world fulfil their ambitions with passion and craftsmanship. The core values ​​of Gymna are a perfect match with this professional, inspiring environment where the physical impact on performance is great.

Behind the scenes, a medical team, including 3 physiotherapists and 4 masseurs, keeps the dancers in top shape every day. A good understanding of dance technique, familiarity with the dance world and jargon is important for the treatment of specific dance injuries. The required postures in classical ballet demand a lot in terms of mobility, stability and stamina.

"The most common complaints with dancers are tendonitis, bursitis, sprains, overload and chronic tendon injury. Which complaints there are depends largely on the ballet, in combination with the mobility, technique and power of a dancer. It is a very nice challenge to get someone up to speed with the Gymna products as soon as possible. Not being able to dance is hardly imaginable for our young, super motivated people. "John ten Kulve, physiotherapist Dutch National Ballet