Gymna Therapies

Shockwave therapy applicators

An overview

Regular applicators 

Regular applicators are compatible with all handpieces, except for the V-actor handpiece. 

Regular applicators shockwave therapyRegular applicators shockwave therapy


V-actor handpiece and applicators 

V-actor applicators are only compatible with the V-actor handpiece. 

V-actor handpiece applicators


Specialty applicators 

Specialty applicators are only compatible with the short handpiece. 

Fascia applicators 

Fasciae are connective tissue structures that are woven through the entire body and cover all our muscles as well as our organs. Patients with muscular pain show fasciae in the affected areas that are markedly changed or thickened, this can lead to inflammation and chronic pain. The special shape of the innovative fascia applicators and the corresponding pressure that they deliver, are intended to release the adhesions and thereby prevent or even eliminate pain. 

Spine applicators 

The specialized spine applicators are developed for treating painful dysfunctions on the entire spinal column. Thanks to the forked shape in three different sizes, the spine applicators optimally reach the vertebral joints and paravertebral muscles. The applicators allow you to selectively reach adhesions, tension and trigger points. Pain will be immediately reduced and mobility improved. 

Specialty applicators