Three ‘aha moments’ that you never expected from a treatment table

You might recognise this: you’ve been using the same working method for years, and then a new colleague introduces a different way, which you realise is easier and more efficient: ‘Aha! It works better like that.’ The Germans would call this an ‘aha-erlebnis’ – loosely translated as an ‘aha moment’. But did you know that these can happen even for experienced physiotherapists? Imagine you’ve been using the same treatment table ever since you started your career, until it’s completely worn out, and you go in search of a replacement. You have a look online and end up at, where the design of the Gymna treatment table grabs your attention. So you decide you want to find out more, and contact your local Gymna partner. Can’t wait to find out which three ‘aha moments’ their advisor will show you? Then read on.

A classic problem resolved

It’s very likely that, as a manual therapist, you’re used to working with a 3-section table featuring a flex position and arm supports. This is undoubtedly the most common treatment table, as it works for almost every kind of treatment.  But it also makes a compromise.  Why? The ratio of cushions is usually chosen to best suit the patient lying down, and tends to focus on the flex position. But something strange happens when in a seated position: the large cushion needs to be raised, which becomes the back support.  So you have to rotate the patient, and their feet end up sticking out over the edge of the head section.  Not only does this fail to provide correct anatomical support; it’s also not very hygienic. 

You may well have got used to this annoyance over time, but now Gymna has found the solution. This classic problem has finally been resolved – thanks to the Constant Patient Position design in the 3-section gymna.PRO! A unique construction below the cushions means you no longer need to rotate the patient. Whether the patient is sitting, abdominal/supine lying or kyphosis posture, treatment is possible in the same basic position –  with the head at the head end and feet at the feet end. Not only is this much better for patients with limited mobility; it also speeds everything up – and there’s nothing unhygienic about the experience.

Constant Patient Position


An intelligent solution for daily discomfort

Another typical example often experienced in practice: do you sometimes leave the arm supports in position, even when they’re not being used?  It can be an added hassle to adjust all the knobs and handles, first on one side of the treatment table and then on the other.  And then, when you sit down to work at the head end, all the mechanisms get in the way of your knees.  Arm supports are, of course, comfortable for your patients when they’re lying down, but they can be annoying and impractical for you. So, to resolve this daily inconvenience once and for all, Gymna has designed the One-Click arm supports.

The name says it all: you can adjust the supports in just one click. That’s right – both supports at the same time.  The left and right arm supports are connected, moving either up or down in unison. Grab support, whichever you like, pull a sprung pin, and move both supports to the desired position in just one click.  There is no need to walk around the table to adjust the left and right supports individually – it’s all very quick and easy with just a single click.  And it’s no longer a problem when you’re sitting to give treatment at the head-end either, because the One-Click supports fold up, leaving no annoying bars in your way or sharp bits sticking out.

One click


The hygienic innovation that nobody thought of before

We focus on your old treatment table’s facial opening for our final' aha moment’. This likely looks grubby and worn.  Comfort and hygiene certainly aren’t what they should be anymore, and unfortunately, your patients will notice this too. The solution is both simple and ingenious: a Gymna Ergomax. The Ergomax is an easily removable face support cushion, ensuring it’s the only thing your patient’s face comes into contact with. Good news for extending the life of your head cushion! The Ergomax itself is made from polyurethane foam without any troublesome seams. This soft material, and its organic shape, are significantly more comfortable than the traditional opening in your old table.  Ergomax is also resistant to chemicals, making it easy to clean and disinfect. 

So maybe you want a new treatment table after all, even if you didn’t realise it until now.  Get in touch and, who knows; you might even be surprised by even more Gymna ‘aha moments!