Trade Fair

Therapy Leipzig on tour

Therapy Leipzig on tour

"A new Leipziger trade fair for physiotherapists in North Rhine-Westphalia."

Therapy Leipzig is a leading platform for the industry of physical therapy, medical rehabilitation and prevention in Germany. Building on this successful concept, the Leipziger Messe is organising a trade fair for the first time on 28 and 29 September 2018 with a congress for physiotherapists, masseurs and medical lifeguards in Bochum.

"The industry's desire has encouraged us to establish the successful format of therapie Leipzig in other regions too," explains Klaus Ernst, Business Unit Manager at Leipziger Messe. "Building on the tried and tested concept of the trade fair with congress, we will be hosting an event for physiotherapists, masseurs and med. Lifeguard in North Rhine-Westphalia perform. Thus, Therapy Leipzig extends its offer by a specific, medical training in the West of Germany." Organized by the Leipziger Messe, the premiere will take place on 28 and 29 September 2018 in Bochum.

Strong partners

The Physiotherapy Associations in Germany - the German Association for Physical Therapy (ZVK), the Association of Physical Therapy (VPT) and other professional associations - welcome the initiative of the Leipziger Messe and have pledged their support.

About Therapy Leipzig

Therapy Leipzig offers as the largest trade fair with congress for therapy, medical rehabilitation and prevention in Germany a complete market overview. In 2017, 354 exhibitors presented their innovations and current industry trends to the 16,100 trade fair visitors at the Leipzig Trade Fair. More than 200 symposia, seminars and workshops were used by the congress for around 3,100 physiotherapists and occupational therapists, masseurs, physicians, sports scientists and sports therapists as well as executives from outpatient rehabilitation centers, acute care and rehabilitation clinics for further education. 22 associations and scientific societies supported Therapie Leipzig 2017 and participated in the conception and implementation of the further education program.

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