Constant Patient Position

Prevents cumbersome rotation

Our 3- section table allows lying, sitting and kyphosis positions with no need to rotate the patient. This improves hygiene, as the feet no longer rest on the head section as with traditional 3-section tables.

3-section treatment tables are widely used in physical therapy because of their flexibility. Patients can be treated in sitting position with back support or in abdominal/supine lying position. For manual mobilisation of the dorsal vertebrae, the hips of the patient can be raised in a so-called flexion position.

Although the advantages to all 3-section treatment tables are numerous, the greatest disadvantage is that the patient needs to rotate to switch to sitting position. This can be cumbersome, time consuming and potentially painful for the patient.  The therapist often needs to support the patient during this process. When sitting there is the added hygiene issue with the patients feet resting on the head section. The gymna.PRO addresses these disadvantages with the revolutionary CPP concept, allowing for optimized patient positioning. The patient faces the same way during all treatments, head on the head section, and feet on the feet section during both lying and sitting positions.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Uniquely functional concept for a 3 section table
  • Accommodates lying, sitting, and kyphosis positions, with no need to rotate the patient
  • Efficient positioning for physical therapist and patient
  • Prevents painful or difficult rotation for low mobility patients
  • Optimized anatomical layout of sections
  • Improved hygiene; feet no longer rest on the head section like traditional 3-section tables