Ergomax face support unique on Gymna treatment tables

When it comes to hygiene a face support area has to endure the most. This area is exposed to bodily fluids, such as sweat, saliva or mucus, which often contain germs. The comfortable Ergomax face support is made of polyutherane (PU) and the advantages are multiple.

The Ergomax face support is:

  • Easily replaceable; a used one can be replaced by a clean one in no time
  • Waterproof and easy to clean and disinfect
  • Resistant to often-aggressive agents and sparing the lining around the facial opening, which now has to be treated less frequently
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Disinfectable protective covers for Gymna

The easy to use, disinfectable protective cover is made of polyutherane and protects the cushions of your treatment table. It can be cleaned and disinfected in no time and contributes to extra hygiene. It is made of a durable hypoallergenic and breathable material that is waterproof and suitable for washing programmes up to 95°C (ISO 5077). By embedding unique properties in the material, Gymna disinfectable protective treatment table covers retain all of these from first to last use.

Unique properties:

  • Antibacterial - resistant to mould and bacteria, including MRSA
  • Hydrostatic – impermeable to water or body fluids, making cleaning and disinfection easy and suitable for multiple applications: from sprays to disinfectant fluids.
  • Fire retardant (Crib5) - can withstand an ignition source such as a small open flame
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