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For some, hygiene is a personal lifestyle, while for others it is a collective term for actions taken to reduce contact with pathogens. COVID-19 and the latest developments, both on a local and global level, have a clear impact on our actions. Physiotherapists and their patients aim to work safely and comfortably towards a result, while observing a number of hygiene rules. Not only professional treatment, but also outstanding hygiene is vital in a good practice, especially when we treat vulnerable patients such as elderly persons and people whose immunity is low. We can take care of the hygiene of treatment tables by cleaning and then disinfecting them. As a developer and manufacturer of innovative treatment tables, Gymna is always looking for smarter solutions aimed at hygiene and convenience, for both therapist and patient.

Ergomax face cushion

The unique design of the Ergomax face support is an excellent example. After all, a face support has to endure the most when it comes to hygiene. In addition to sweat, this area comes into contact withErgomax 1 other bodily fluids, such as saliva or mucus, which often contains germs. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, we have also learned that aerosols, minute droplets that are breathed out seem to contribute more towards the spreading of viruses than we thought. Regular cleaning and disinfection of the table and face support is therefore very important.

Ergomax 2The Ergomax face support is easily replaceable; a used one can be replaced by a clean one in no time. The comfortable face support is made of polyurethane (PU), is waterproof and is easy to clean and disinfect. Ergomax is resistant to often aggressive agents and therefore also spares the lining around the facial opening, which now has to be treated less frequently.                                                                                                                                    

Disinfectable protective covers for treatment tables

It is more important than ever to anticipate the need for a secure, safe feeling in the practice. Patients want to be reassured and confident that their treatment is safe and hygienic. By being able to give this reassurance, the patient relationship can be built and the patient will be loyal to the practice.

To further support this, Gymna has developed disinfectable protective covers in various designs. Protective covers with bi-elastic properties, i.e. with stretch in both directions, that fit our treatment tables.


The disinfectable protective cover is easy to use and protects the cushion of the treatment table. At the same time, it contributes to better hygiene. The protective cover can be cleaned and disinfected in no time. There are several disinfecting methods, by using liquids, sprays or wet wipes. The protective cover is made of a durable breathable material and is also waterproof. 

cleaning1     cleaning2

The protective cover closes the narrow gaps between the treatment table cushions, making cleaning and disinfection easier and quicker.

The material is suitable for washing programmes up to 95°C (ISO 5077).  Our polyurethane covers protect the cushions against powerful disinfectants, thus prolonging the life cycle of the cushions.

Disinfectable protective covers - product characteristics 

We even went one step further with the protective covers. Check out the product characteristics below:

  • Antibacterial The protective cover is resistant to mould and bacteria, which cannot survive on the cover, as the material does not provide a breeding ground for bacteria and prevents their growth. The material is also resistant to the MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) hospital bacteria, according to the test conducted AATCC Test Method 147-2004, MRSA ATCC 43300. 
  • Hypoallergenic The composition of the material has been developed in a way that the protective cover will not cause an allergic reaction. People with sensitive skin will have no problems when coming into contact with the material.
  • Hydrostatic The protective cover is impermeable to water or body fluids, a clear advantage in case your patient has an open wound. It is also safer, as bodily fluids, such as saliva, cannot penetrate or get under the surface of the cover. Moreover, this makes cleaning easy and suitable for multiple applications: from sprays to disinfectants. The protective cover is also slightly breathable.
  • Fire retardant (Crib5) This means that the material meets a very high safety standard and can withstand an ignition source such as a small open flame. The spread of fire is prevented, slowed down and eventually the flame will go out by itself. In short, reliable and safe protection.

Unlike cheaper production techniques, where the properties are present in the top layer (coating), these properties are embedded in the material. The advantage is that the protective cover will retain all these unique properties from the first use to the last. 

Faceopening universsel     Faceopening gymna pro

Gymna hygiene products

The Ergomax face cushion and the disinfectable antibacterial protective covers are the Gymna hygiene options for users wanting to provide a safe and hygienic treatment environment for their patients, while also promoting patient confidence.  

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