Gymna Extra Motors

Effortless setting

The gymna.PRO has optional additional motors available. To adjust the cushions, simply push a button. The additional motors provide comfort to both the therapist and the patient, who can remain totally relaxed.

The gymna.PRO has optional additional motors available to adjust the cushions. This option provides comfort for both the patient, who does not need to exert themselves, and the therapist. Simply push a button to adjust the cushions. Operation is easy with the ergonomically shaped switches conveniently located under both sides of the cushion. There is a clear tangible difference between the up and down buttons. While operating the switches, the palm lights up different colors depending on if they are up or down adjustments.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Extra motors available for adjusting cushions
  • Effortless adjustments for therapist
  • Patient can stay relaxed while changing position
  • Operated by ergonomic switches under the cushions
  • LED glows green/red when going up/down