Gymna Lateral Supports

Allowing even more freedom of movement for the therapist

An ideal working position, close patient proximity, avoiding stress to the shoulders and back.

First introduced by Gymna in 1990, it is hard to imagine a 3 or 4-section table without the highly valued lateral supports. Gymna now offers the lateral supports on a 2-section table as well. This option will be valuable to osteopaths, as they treat mostly in the flat position without the need for any complex cushion adjustments. Covering the entire length of the toros section, the supports make it possible to maintain an ideal working position, with close patient proximity, without stress to the shoulders or back.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Designed based on Gymna’s original product
  • Long and straight supports
  • Also available in a 2 section model
  • More freedom of movement for therapist
  • Better access to patient
  • Ergonomic positioning for physical therapist