LED pack

Creating a pleasant atmosphere in practice

The LED pack creates a pleasant atmospheric lighting under the frame, while also providing functional support. Operated with a special IR remote with an ON and OFF button.

The LED pack option provides functional support, and creates a relaxing atmospheric lighting under the frame.  Operated through a special IR remote control with an ON and OFF button, as well as a button for adjusting brightness and a button for selecting 1 of the 14 available color options as the base color. During height adjustment, the basic color changes based on movement: up = green, down = red; this function can be disabled. When the safety key switch is in the 0 position, the base color changes to green and the motors are disabled. The functional lighting colors cannot be adjusted, only the main base color.

Benefits at a glance:

  • “Under bed” light for frame
  • IR remote control
  • Can be set in 14 colours, with brightness control
  • Glows green/red when the table goes up/down
  • Creates relaxing atmosphere in practice
  • Enhances functionality