gymna.ONE T7 Accessories

You can buy the products below as accessories with your product gymna.ONE T7.

gymna.ONE T7

Stools and cushions

Bolster - Ø 5,91 In
Bolster - Ø 3,94 In
Cover head and stomach cushion
Cover large knee roll
Cover small knee roll
Crescent-shaped cushion 33,46 x 15,75 x 19,69 In
Face cushion
Head and stomach cushion 15,75 x 11,81 x 3,94 In
Knee roll - large
Knee roll - small
Cushion cube-psoas 22,05 x 16,93 x 11,02 In
Supporting cushion pad - small 7,87 x 5,91 x 3,94/1,18 In


Foot end protector for Gymna treatment tables
Elastic strap with clip fitting