Gymna 200 Series

Power your practice

Experience the Gymna 200 series

The essence of electrotherapy

Accuracy & expertise

  • Implementing the newest scientific evidence
  • Pain relief at its finest
  • Latest protocols embedded

High efficiency ultrasound repair

  • State-of-the-art ultrasound head
  • Deep absorption of ultrasound waves
  • In-depth heat diffusion with minimal energy loss

Reaching new heights in performance

  • New SD Curve analysis feature
  • Faster muscle buildup
  • Heightened muscle strength conservation

Unmatched setting precision

Pain relief
  • Faster, better, more precise pain relief
  • Latest TENS protocols insights provide a wider set up array
  • Highly enhanced precision of parameters management provides better and more thorough treatment
  • Most accurate treatment targeting

High-intensity ultrasound head

Cellular effects
  • High intensity, high precision targeting
  • Full absorption of ultrasound waves: no heat loss
  • Visual and audio real-time feedback
  • Ultrasound head ergonomics give an easy reach to treatment zone

Fastest and most dynamic

Muscle stimulation
  • Gymna 200 now lets you establish an SD curve
  • Fast and reliable analysis of the proportion of the muscle denervation
  • Establishes the level of interdependence between stimulus strength and the time activating the muscles
  • Assists you in indicating strength of impulses

Client quote

Quick and exciting

"After an unfortunate set of circumstances, excruciating-pain masking prescriptions and a hernia operation, I found myself in a situation where I was losing the use of my right foot. I had a foot drop.

A neighbor of mine suggested that I turn to electrotherapy. She referred me to a specialist in the field.

I quickly met him. He ran a series of tests and performed a set of two electrotherapy treatments to relieve pain as well as speed up the healing process and strengthen my calf muscles of the lower leg. I felt immediate relief and improvement of my condition. I know now that I am on my way to full recovery. Quick, simple and exciting."

The edge of ergonomics

Precision at your fingertips
  • Symbol-based interface
  • Intuitive control
  • On screen display of electrodes placement
  • Keep it spotless and sanitary

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