Gymna Ultrasound


  • Compact and easy to use
  • Designed with a high quality capacitive 7-inch touchscreen
  • Operation on mains power or on the internal rechargeable battery
  • Equipped with DynamUS unique motion speed detection

Superior quality capacitive touchscreen

All functions are integrated into the capacitive touch screen, no buttons and dials on the device.

The design and the clever positioning of the sturdy glass plate creates a flat front side, as a result making it easy to clean, and thanks to the glass, even disinfectable with alcohol.

The large size of the full colour touch screen makes it easy to use, and due to the wide viewing angle, clearly legible.

Built-in battery

The long battery life of the rechargeable built-in battery brings you freedom to use the device in every environment even if no power outlet is available.

Gymna ultrasound heads are equipped with DynamUS, a feature unique in the field of therapeutic ultrasound. DynamUS is Gymna’s motion speed detection control that guides you in your treatments. It helps you keeping the right dynamic movement pace.

This user-friendly patient safety function monitors the ultrasound head’s motion on the patient’s skin and warns if its pace is too slow or too fast. The feedback is visible through the orange coloured LED on the ultrasound head:

Too slow risk for hot spots and as a result possible risk for internal tissue damage
Too fast ineffective treatment and as a result no progress in treatment


Optimal performance on every device

Each Gymna ultrasound head acts as a precision instrument and works exactly according to its stored ultrasound beam characteristics. This automatic recognition and pairing with our devices gives you the flexibility to interchange our ultrasound heads on every Gymna Ultrasound compact device.

Dual connections

The Gymna Ultrasound compact allows simultaneous connection of two ultrasound heads and you can easily switch between them. This saves time and diminishes cable wear and tear. Your patients and their pathologies determine the ultrasound head that is needed. The choice is yours.

Gymna Ultrasound head available options

Gymna offers two different ultrasound head options:

  • Small ultrasound head visual
  • Large ultrasound head visual

Ultrasound head holder for a secure head storage

The anti-slip ultrasound head holder allows the ultrasound head of choice to be stored in a freestanding position. The holder is equipped with magnets to safely lock the ultrasound head in the holder.

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