Shockwave Therapy
Gymna ShockMaster 500
Treat under the best possible conditions

Gymna ShockMaster 500

Treat under the best possible conditions
  • pGTS, the unique patient Guided Therapy
  • Noiseless and vibration-free oil compressor, easily accessible
  • Soft start function
  • Ergonomically shaped cart, all accessories within easy reach
  • Anatomical library
  • Rapid software update via USB port
  • Two output channels
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Custom applications and patient database
  • Extended energy range: 0.3 bareff – 5 bareff


The ShockMaster 500 is Gymna’s most intelligent shockwave solution. The device is equipped with all GTS features:

  • pGTS dynamic protocols and patient data
  • Supporting information 
  • GTS specific software and protocols

User friendly and quality From custom made applications to two output channels for rapid switch between handpieces. From the ergonomically shaped cart with all accessories within easy reach to the noiseless and vibration-free oil compressor. Gymna ShockMaster 500 stands out for its user friendliness and quality. The ergonomically shaped, lightweight handpiece and the rapid software updates via USB port make the ShockMaster 500 a complete and effective shockwave therapy device.  

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102 x 58 x 57 cm
65 kg
In trolley (oil), noiseless, vibration free
7 inch full color, 180° view
43 indications
> 90 indications
Via USB port
0,5 - 21 Hz (in steps of 0,1 Hz)
35 Hz
0,3 - 5 bareff (in steps of 0.1 bareff)