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Gymna Saddle Stool
The ideal ergonomic seat

Gymna Saddle Stool

The ideal ergonomic seat
  • Adjustable pelvic tilt
  • Active and improved sitting position, lowering back strain.
  • Improved mobility while sitting
  • Elegant finish
  • Soft tread for hard surfaces
  • Five-star base for maximum stability


This is the ideal ergonomic seat for daily use by the medical professional. Due to the saddle shape, the user sits in a more open hip angle so that the pelvis tilts forward and the spine will assume the natural S-shape. The pelvic tilt can also be adjusted separately.


42 cm, with adjustable pelvic tilt
15 colours (PVC)
8 colours (PU)
Gymna Saddle Stool 56-75 cm
150 kg
Aluminium with white powder coating
Self-locking casters, soft tread for harder surfaces