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Software update 2020 & NEW applicators

Optimizing your shockwave experience

Making the difference with our future proof philosophy, offering more than just shockwave therapy. The intelligent software, that has been updated during all these years with evidence based knowledge and expertise, will guide every therapist to the most effective and successful treatment.

Gymna ShockMaster evolution

The following timeline shows that “optimizing your shockwave experience” has never been just a hollow phrase for us. We aim to stand out between all the shockwave devices in the market.


The evolution of our software always starts with a search on the biggest scientific databases like PubMed, Pedro and Cochrane, the same has happened for this upgrade. Lately, many new studies have been published on the use of shockwave therapy in different pathologies and settings. We are very proud to say that after all these years; we also see a growing number of studies that use a ShockMaster device for their treatment. This is something we absolutely encourage and support.

We concluded that one of the clear trends that came out of this research is the use of more tailor-made shockwave treatments. Although we have taken steps into that direction in 2018 with our pGTS and patient data, we believed that improvements could be made and that even standard protocols may be tailor-made for the specific patient, the pathology condition at that precise moment in time. That is why we are very proud to present our 2020 software upgrade, making our devices stand out as the most intelligent devices in the market.



From 2018 to 2020: pGTS

What we implemented with pGTS in 2018: When opening a pre-programmed protocol (these protocols are part of almost every shockwave device in the market) the patient is asked to indicate current condition with VAS-score. Based on this score, the pre-programmed pressure will be adapted.

What changes in 2020, or better what has been added, is that we take into account the clinical investigation of the therapist as well. After evaluation, the therapist indicates the level or stage of the pathology, on a blind scale. The evaluation is based on clinical signs like swelling, redness, range of motion, etc.

The next important change is the number of shocks. In the current pGTS, when the patient is doing well, the pressure increases and the number of shocks decreases. What we did not take into account is that the patient is in the phase of recovery and is able to handle a larger amount of energy. With the 2020 update the number of shocks does not decrease any longer, more energy is delivered and therefore total recovery accelerates.

The ShockMaster 500 device allows to combine patient data with pGTS dynamic protocols for the more patient-tailored treatment plan. For each session, settings vary and are based on the combination of patient’s condition and data from the previous treatment. Safety limits in this total variation will guarantee an effective and safe treatment at all time.

Other software novelties

With the 2020 software upgrade, we have also thought about a few clever improvements that will optimise the user experience and safety of each shockwave treatment. All these changes are part of our well-known Guided Therapy System.

We have implemented different settings for different applicators in the same sequence. In every sequence, we show the preferred applicator below the treatment picture. If you see some blue rectangles, this means that there is also an alternative applicator available.

In the new software, if you are ready to start the treatment after loading an application, you can simply recall all information by pushing the info button in the right top corner. The information will appear as a pop-up screen and can be closed easily for continuing the treatment. This is quite a time win for the therapist.






We have optimised the search function of the library and the pGTS function can be disabled in the settings, which we of course would never advise to do!



Where to find the new software update?

If you already own a ShockMaster, you can easily update your device. Go to our Gymna Club, login in to your Gymna account and download the software.


  1. Download the software on a USB key (please note that there are different versions for the ShockMaster 500 and the ShockMaster 300)
  2. Insert the USB key into your ShockMaster device
  3. Export all data such as patient and custom application data
  4. Start the update automatically
  5. Import all exported data again
  6. Remove the USB key
  7. Restart the device

Gymna ShockMaster applicators

The applicator portfolio has been expanded with four new applicators.


  • The atlas applicator is a silicon-topped applicator that is designed for the treatment of highly sensitive regions, like trigger points in the cervical spine muscles and mobilization of the cervical facet joints.
  • The ceramic applicator permits a higher energy transfer at lower intensities and can be used in any type of enthesopathy.
  • The trigger 10mm applicator allows better topical localisation on the trigger point. Especially for deeper lying trigger points, patients with a large muscular mass or in obese persons, this applicator offers an advantage because of its deeper penetration into the tissue.
  • In specific patient populations like athletes and for high-energy demanding applications, the D-actor T applicator offers a more profound effect than the well-known D-actor applicator.

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