Treatment tables
gymna.ONE T7
Pure design

gymna.ONE T7

Pure design
  • 7 functional cushions
  • Electrically adjustable back and leg sections
  • i-Control: The intelligent foot-operated system
  • Easymove: Pushing the foot-operated Easymove system lifts the treatment table up onto its wheels
  • Ergomax: The innovative Ergomax face support of gymna
  • Lateral support: These supports make it possible to maintain an excellent working position
  • Cushion heating: A gymna.ONE treatment table features Thermo cushions, a unique heating system

Your gymna.ONE


gymna.ONE represents the heart of your practice, creating a pleasant working environment. The use of durable and natural materials, such as wood and aluminium, makes gymna.ONE unique. Combined with the proven reliability of Gymna technology, the modern and pure design of this treatment table creates a truly harmonious atmosphere in your practice.

gymna.ONE is designed to offer you the best possible conditions for your treatments. i-Control offers you two ways of height adjustment: a continuous mode for quick up and down movement and a start-stop mode for small pulsed adjustments, allowing you to find the optimal treatment position. The innovative Ergomax face support* is made of soft, seamless and comfortable foam. It is ergonomically-shaped, removable, washable and can be positioned in two directions. Gymna.ONE is equipped with lateral supports. These make it possible to maintain an ergonomic working position. The continuous research and development at Gymna has created the latest professional standard for treatment tables.


As a therapist you are concerned about the wellbeing of your patient and the effectiveness of your treatments. Every detail of gymna.ONE is designed taking into account the comfort of your patients. Gymna.ONE is the only treatment table equipped with the innovative Thermo cushions. By selecting one of the three temperature levels, you are able to adapt to the individual needs of your patients. The body-shaped cushions together with arm supports add extra stability for a safe patient position. Gymna.ONE generates confidence and trust among your patients.

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± 205 x 67 cm
± 50 - 100 cm
± 122 kg
200 kg
8,000 and 6,000 N
34 – 36 – 38°C