Gymna Pulson 400
Device for ultrasound applications

Gymna Pulson 400

Device for ultrasound applications
  • Equipped with 2 multifrequency US-heads: 1cm² & 4 cm²
  • 2 ultrasound output connectors
  • Full colour touch screen navigation
  • Enlarged therapy screens in dashboard design
  • Guided Therapy System (GTS)
  • Medical E-book with Anatomical library
  • Customisation wizard to personalize

Your Gymna 400


The Gymna Pulson 400, touchscreen device for ultrasound applications. Equipped with multifrequency ultrasound heads for superficial and deeper lying pathologies. Both ultrasound heads with 1cm² and 4 cm² are standard accessories. The colour touchscreen, for intuitive navigation, guides you to optimal treatment protocols and access to extended clinical information with GTS.


100-240-VAC, 50/60 Hz +/- 10%
100 VA
260 x 360 x 285 mm
c.a 7,8 kg
Class II
Type BF
Directive MDD 93/42/ECC