Active Motion
Abdominal / Back
Rectus abdominis, Erector spinae group

Abdominal / Back

Rectus abdominis, Erector spinae group
  • Suitable for circuit training
  • Streamlined shape & ergonomic design
  • Trains the waist & upper back

Your Gymna W-Move



  • Training tool to enhance muscle strength, increase health and improve physical shape.
  • Specially designed for elderly and female users
  • Hydraulic cylinder resistance for softer & smoother operation.
  • 6-section adjustable resistance; train antagonists simultaneously using two-way resistance

Starting position

Sit down on the Abdominal/ Back while keeping your back straight. Put your feet on the ground and grasp the handles.

End position

Bend your body as far forward as possible. Hold this position, and then push against the resistance back to the starting position. Push your back into the pad during the entire exercise.

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