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How does the layout of my practice seamlessly align with my profession?

The layout of a physiotherapy practice is more important than you think. A well-furnished practice ensures that you can enjoy your work every day and radiate confidence and professionalism to patients.

Colour matters

How do I set up my practice so that it is pleasant for my patients to visit? Colour plays an important role here. When decorating your practice room, you will need to choose some colours. Not only for the treatment table, but also for your furniture, floor, walls, and so on. What you want is a professional appearance in which patients feel at ease as soon as they enter. This is achieved by choosing a neutral colour palette and one or two more pronounced shades. By adhering to this colour palette when choosing your furniture, floors, walls, and accessories, you will ensure that your practice is a professional whole that your patients will find pleasant when entering.

Choosing a colour palette starts with the question of what ambience you want to radiate. What ambience suits you and your patients best? 


Choose a base colour in neutral tones, such as white and grey. Make your interior interesting by complementing it with stylish shades of sand or warm browns. Bright colours do not fit in a practice layout with a calm appearance. For the table, it is better to choose a shade that matches the rest of the interior, such as, white, grey, beige, or brown. This subdued colour palette lets a pure design speak for itself. If instead of pure white, you choose a warmer shade of white for the walls or a quieter shade of grey, you add a lot of ambience to your practice and prevent it from looking too clinical. This helps your patients are more relaxed and return feeling good. 


Dark blue is the colour that inspires confidence in patients. A blue treatment table is the right choice if you want a professional, serious ambience for your physiotherapy practice. Almost all colours go with dark blue. 


Brown and cream shades fit well in an environment where you want to radiate comfort and elegance. For example, if your physiotherapy practice is part of a wellness area, warm earth tones and the use of natural sustainable materials are a good choice, such as, wood and aluminium. A treatment table with a pure design and wooden base completes the practice and guarantees a luxurious wellness experience. 

I am looking for a pure design


You can achieve a professional look in your practice even with more striking shades. By choosing a strong colour, the treatment table becomes the eye-catcher in your practice. For example, fresh blue, pink, or orange are distinctive and contemporary colours. Choosing a modern striking colour will impress patients and set you apart from other physio practices. A modern colour can be reflected in your house style and be a recognisable trademark for your practice. If you are consistent in your choice of colour in your practice layout and communication, such as your email signature and logo, it will come across as reliable and professional to the patient.

I am looking for fresh colours

Where do you start when setting up your practice? 

Of course, the treatment table is an important part of the layout. A decent treatment table will last for years. Which is why it is important you choose a table with a timeless design that you will not tire of. A Gymna treatment table is always designed to be pure of form and the stylish centrepiece of your treatment room for years to come. Did you know that Gymna even won the important Henry van de Velde design award for the gymna.PRO treatment table? Clearly, good design and ergonomic and practical ease of use can go perfectly well together.

Years of pleasure from your professional practice layout

When furnishing your physiotherapy practice, it is important to keep the desired ambience in mind with every choice. Design and colour are two important factors to consider when choosing a treatment table, equipment, and furniture. As described above, a well-chosen colour palette can change a lot about the patient's experience. Ultimately, your practice revolves around the patient. A well-considered layout can ensure a more professional appearance and happier patients returning. It is important to see the practice as a whole and to implement style choices in terms of colour and design throughout the room: walls, floors, furniture, and equipment. 

The treatment table plays a central role in the layout and, when buying a new table, it is good to choose quality with a timeless design that is durable and thus last for years. As far as colour is concerned, you should first decide what you want the practice to look like before you layout your room. Do you want a practice that radiates calm, trust, comfort, or modernity? Gymna has a wide range of colours to choose from, so that the table matches your practice and the look that you want. If you need help with laying out your practice, Gymna Nederland is happy to help you. You are welcome to contact us to discuss your plans for your practice with our experts.   


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